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New Mexico PED & Support Local
The NM Public Education Dept. has a program to give a free book for every first grader in the State. This year all the books came from publishers outside of New Mexico. As a matter of fact, none of the books they chose were even by New Mexico authors. They say they "Support Local" but all the books (30,000 in all) came from publishers in Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona. Almost 500 people have signed a petition asking the Governor and the NMPED to buy local whenever possible. You can sign our petition to tell the Governor and the NMPED to buy local by clicking HERE.
Documents sent to us from NMPED about the bid process and who got the book orders:

PED1 (10 sec to download)
PED2 (10 sec to download)
PED3 (10 sec to download)
PED4 (2 min to download)
PED5 (5 min. to download)
PED6 (3 min to download)
RESPONSE (1 min to download)

Feel free to look these over and come to your own conclusions about whether NMPED "supports local" authors and publishers.